twenty two west

'Professionalize' Package: Brand Standards, Business Card, Wholesale Market Template, Who We Are Card, Jewelry Card Holders

The Challenge: Twenty Two West combines nostalgic roots with modern designs in each of their handmade pieces. Mary, artist and designer of Twenty Two West, came with a strong logo and incredible jewelry and art, but was looking to take the next step in creating a fully branded and memorable experience for her customers across the print materials used in shipping, packaging and displays.

The Outcome: Using the look and feel of Twenty Two West’s logo and art, we centered the branding within the neutral, modern feel of her creations. For the colors, we created a consistent neutral color scheme and added in pops of color that match the seasonal colors released each Fall and Spring. The real fun came with thinking through the customer experience and designing materials that communicate the Twenty Two West brand story while creating sustainable options for a small business. We brought to life the Twenty Two West brand through print materials from the beautiful ribbon tags to wholesale cards with editable booth location stickers to checkbox ‘made with’ cards communicating the materials and techniques used in each piece.


The Brand In Action


defining the brand