Services Offered


First, congrats!! You are starting a wild, exciting ride - so let's get you up and running! The Launch package is designed to fulfill your crucial marketing needs so you can communciate your brand story from day one, and with room to build as you grow.


Brand Guidelines Sheet

2 Pieces of Marketing Collateral
(business card, invoice template, Instagram highlights, etc.)

Optional Add-on: 3-page Website


You are up and running (serious props to you: you're doing the thing!) but it's time to take your brand up a notch to match your growing business. The 'Professionalize' package is focused on defining your visual brand and creating a fully branded experience for your customers.

Brand Standards Book

Branded Social Media + Email Marketing

3 Pieces of Marketing Collateral
(pricing guide, invoice template, Instagram template, etc.)

Optional Add-ons: Logo Refresh; 5-page Website


You are rocking it in your business - get it! As you grow, you need to maintain and build your brand story through strong design and strategy. We are here as those needs arise, such as:

Branded Templates

Social Media Assets + Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy + Designs

Services/Pricing or Guide Books

Custom Print Collateral

Website Design + Growth


On-call marketing support

We also offer monthly marketing support for when you have consistent design needs, but aren't quite ready for full-time solutions. Choose from 2, 8, and 12 hours of support a month. We will tackle any and all marketing needs throughout the month. Think of us as your on-call marketing support! Reach out for packages + pricing.

Our Process

01. Kick-Off | Every project starts with a kick-off call. We'll talk about you, your project and most importantly, your people. You will share your dreams and ideas and I'll listen and ask questions so I can deliver solutions that align to your need, your brand and your people.

02. Brainstorm | Once we have a final project plan (clear deliverables and timeline), I go into research mode! I'll seek inspiration and additional context then begin brainstorming ideas. This step is all about aligning on a vision and design direction.

03. Design | It's design time! I'll use all the information gathered to build and design the deliverables. We'll walk through the solutions together so you can ask questions and have clear understanding around all design decisions. Through 2 revisions, we will work together to make sure every detail is perfect!

04. Next Steps | We will wrap up the project with a quick call to ensure you have all components, production details and if necessary, instructions on how to utilize files and maintain design standards. This time is all about you leaving with 100% confidence in your new amazing designs and leveraging them to their full potential!