Lifeplan Group

Scale Package: Custom Website Design, Stand-up Banner Design, Branded Templates, Client Welcome Book

The Challenge: LifePlan Group is a retirement planning investment advisory firm with a personal approach. With backgrounds in ministry and teaching, Ken and Alex are a father son duo passionate about building purposeful retirement plans that met the individual, personal goals of each client. As an established small business, their visual identity was defined through their logo and colors, but they were ready to elevate their client experience by embedding their brand values in all client touch points.

The Outcome: The first need of LifePlan’s was a website that set them apart from competition by sharing their authentic, unique approach and story. Family and building personal relationships is at the core of their business so we created a custom website that highlights that from the homepage with a story of Ken’s mother living her retirement dreams by skydiving at the age of 75! In addition to the LifePlan Group website, we created stand-up banners to display at seminars and workshops to visually show LifePlan Group’s story in each space. And we designed a series of client books that help onboard clients to the work, process and resources that LifePlan Group provides.

Fun Fact: That amazing lady skydiving at age 75? That’s my grandmother, Boots Sutherland! Which means, yes - Ken is my dad and Alex my brother. Honored that they trust me with their marketing needs!


The Brand In Action


defining the brand