Molly Sutherland Studio



branding and design strategy to tell your story
through simple, yet powerful visuals.




From branding events and businesses to building pop-up museum exhibits and designing food trucks, all our projects are centered in design strategy, brand standards, and user experience. Your brand is so much more than your logo, it's how you communicate who you are. It's a consistent (and amazing) customer experience at every touch point. So whether you are looking for new branding, building out your existing brand or have a big idea and are in need of creative design solutions, take a look around and let's dive in!


It all started when...

I was senior design editor of my high school newspaper, but promised my advisor I wasn't interested in pursuing journalism in college. Fast forward two years and after considering every major (math, chemistry and business just to name a few), I found myself falling in love with design through - you guessed it - the journalism school at UNC-Chapel Hill. I graduated a proud Tar Heel and while I come from a family of entrepreneurs, I promised everyone I wasn't interested in freelance. Fast forward again and while designing for several amazing companies, I found myself daydreaming of building my own design studio. So that saying - never say never - yea, it has some truth to it. 

That's a piece of what brings me here today. I would love to hear from you: What's your life motto? What's your passion project?