Molly Sutherland Studio

REBRAND - Wirkler


Wirkler Family REunion



Wirkler family reunions are full of competitive team games, all the 500 you can handle and lots of laughter. While the Wirkler crew always takes reunion activities to the next level, the 2018 reunion took it up a notch by adding a brand to match. From a custom illustrated logo to a website to pennant flags, the brand was one element that helped make this reunion one for the books!


The unique aspect of this reunion was the location. Past Wirkler reunions have taken place in the Midwest, but this time the family was venturing to the East Coast! To highlight this, the logo is centered in place and features a custom illustrated view of the lake house. Utilizing line illustrations and one bold font brought the logo to life with a fun summer vibe! 

We pulled out the "Wirkler 2018 Family Reunion" piece to DIY 'screenprint' on pennant flags, adding a subtle branding hint throughout the house. 


Branding an event can truly transform an experience. Creating consistent visual interest through the space and activities, the Wirkler reunion was more than just a weekend event, it was truly a memorable experience! 

And that experience was more than a weekend. By creating the logo early and utilizing a website to preview activities, we started creating excitement and setting the groundwork for the weekend months in advance. Immediately after the weekend, we updated the website to recap the reunion with a handful of photos, ensuring a place for the memories made to live until the next reunion!